More Than just Landscaping 


The landscaping of your home and business says a lot about you. If you want yours to say something  unique about you contact us today. 

Once a landscape is installed, maintenance is key to continued enjoyment.  We offer long term lawn care services in Concord, Harrisburg & surrounding areas.


Need a lawn care service you can trust so that you can spend your leisure time doing the things you enjoy? Contact Fox Lawn Care & Landscaping today.

NC Pesticide License : 026-32886

NC Landscape Contractor License : 2845

Phone:  704-791-3418   


Phone:  704-791-3418    * 

Is your yard in need of a makeover?  We can take your overgrown hedges and trees and renovate your yard  into a beautifully designed and manicured landscape.  Be the envy of all your neighbors by calling Fox Lawncare & Landscaping today for all your  We provide lawn care services in the Concord and Harrisburg area. 


Cultivating beautiful lawns


Lawn Care in Concord and Harrisburg


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If you are a local business, HOA, or property management company, first impressions are everything so why not start with a beautifully maintained landscape?